Kodiak Park

UpdatedWednesday May 16, 2018 byKent Wannamaker.

Kodiak Park Rules 

Expectations while visiting Kodiak Park—

The parking rules are: Parking is ONLY allowed in the two parking lots!

  • NO PARKING on the driveway that runs near the fields
  • NO PARKING on any grass near the fields

Please help us make this complex as great as it can be. 

Additional considerations:  

  • NO SMOKING anywhere on the property, including the parking lots
  • NO ALCOHOL anywhere on the property, including the parking lots
  • NO PETS of any size on the property
  • NO SOFT TOSS against any of the fences
  • NO scooters, bikes, roller-blades or skateboards on the property
  • NO motorized all-terrain vehicles on the property
  • NO playing on other fields, ramps, bleachers, swales or sheds.  Those areas are off-limits.



•          Help keep the campus clean and properly dispose of all garbage!

•          Remember to check around you before you leave to make sure you have everything you came with.