Kodiak Park

Updated Thursday April 7, 2016 by Kent Wannamaker.

Kodiak Park Rules 

Expectations while visiting Kodiak Park—

The parking rules are: Parking is ONLY allowed in the two parking lots!

  • NO PARKING on the driveway that runs near the fields
  • NO PARKING on any grass near the fields

Please help us make this complex as great as it can be. 

Additional considerations:  

  • NO SMOKING anywhere on the property, including the parking lots
  • NO ALCOHOL anywhere on the property, including the parking lots
  • NO PETS of any size on the property
  • NO SOFT TOSS against any of the fences
  • NO scooters, bikes, roller-blades or skateboards on the property
  • NO motorized all-terrain vehicles on the property
  • NO playing on other fields, ramps, bleachers, swales or sheds.  Those areas are off-limits.



•          Help keep the campus clean and properly dispose of all garbage!

•          Remember to check around you before you leave to make sure you have everything you came with.


Kodiak Park - Phase 2 to include Miracle League Field 
We have not given up on our dream to host one of the first Miracle League Fields in Delaware.  We are still hoping we can make that happen but as with many things, we don't have the funds to build that field yet.  If you are passionate about working with children with disabilities and giving them the opportunity to play the sport we all love, please consider reaching out to your employer or large corporations for field grants.  The estimate is that it would take $100,000 in site work, plus an additional $200,000 to build the Miracle League Field. Thank you for your continued support. 

Click here for a flyer on the new Bear Babe Ruth Complex 
Handout: New Complex

Sketch of Kodiak Park - Our New Complex 

This is a rendention of Kodiak Park, the new complex, which will be broken into phases. The first phase, which will include five fields in the back portion of the property.  We anticipate, these fields will be completed for play 2013.

1. a Senior field

2. a Major field (46/60 & 50/70)

3. a AAA field  

4. a AA field

5. a Softball field