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UpdatedTuesday April 19, 2016 byBear Babe Ruth.


Bear Babe Ruth was founded upon the premise that our children will be taught good sportsmanship, as well as baseball skills. In order to make our objectives and standards very clear, each parent and child who participate in the league will sign this Code of Conduct. Everyone involved in this league is a volunteer and we must require respectful treatment of all. Our desire is to help children grow into mature, productive, citizens. Stating our expectations clearly, along with adults modeling proper behavior, has proven to be a winning combination. Realizing that most families will exceed these standards of proper behavior, the following should be considered as minimal standards which each player and parent will be expected to uphold. 
•    Please make every effort to attend your child’s games, and cheer for all the children on the team. (You never know whose relatives you are sitting near) Remaining quiet when a mistake is made is much more beneficial than shouting about it. Remember the players are still children and any sport takes much practice. Be patient, work with them at home on weaknesses, and be supportive whether your team has a winning season or a learning season. 

•    Managers should always be notified if your child will miss practice or a game. Individual managers will determine the consequences for repeated absence, especially with no notification. (Each child is guaranteed a minimum of 2 defensive innings and 1 at bat.) 

•    Be supportive of the manager and coaches. No doubt, you might do things a little differently at times, however they deserve our respect because they are volunteering to help your child learn. Come out and lend a hand whenever you can. Parents should speak privately to managers regarding any concerns, at any time EXCEPT 30 minutes before or after a game. This time is reserved for pregame preparation and post game field maintenance. 

•    Disrespect toward anyone, especially the junior and adult volunteers, will not be tolerated. At no time should parents or players raise their voices to a manager, coach, umpire, concession volunteer, other parent or player, (or any volunteer). Likewise, equipment will be treated with respect. Equipment is costly and mishandling creates unnecessary expense. Handling equipment (and one’s temper) properly is expected and required.  

•    Alcohol and smoking will NOT be permitted on the property. Profanity is strictly prohibited. The use of non-smoking tobacco products is discouraged for everyone and prohibited for managers, coaches, and umpires during a game.

•    The property of our neighbor, Wilbur Elementary School, is to be given the utmost respect.  No part of their property is to be used without prior consent from the school administration and the Colonial School District.

•    Non-compliance of any of the above could result in ejection from a game or from the complex, forfeiting the right to continue to participate in the league, and/or disqualification from any post season tournaments for players. 

•    The proper chain for resolving conflict is as follows: First, try to handle everything personally in a calm manner. The next step would be to talk to your team manager (keep in mind the 30 minute rule above). If a concern or question is not handled by the manager, the next person to contact will be the Division Coordinator. Your Division Coordinator's name and contact information can be found on the league website ( In the unlikely event your question remains unanswered; please address the board of directors in writing for a timely resolution. 
•    We’re looking forward to another great year. Standards like these just help remind us of what’s really important — character. As our league continues to grow, we want to encourage everyone to “Keep up the Good Work.” Thanks for being a positive role model for all of the children at Bear Babe Ruth.

As a representative for my entire family, I commit to these standards for myself, my family, and my child.

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